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SecureLink for Vendors 
Combat inefficient and time-consuming customer support while m
eeting increasing security & compliance requirements. SecureLink customers interviewed reported:

  • 65% REDUCTION in time spent managing and supporting remote access.
  • 75% REDUCTION in time spent establishing remote connections with their customers.
  • 70% REDUCTION in security incident related expenses. 
  • 1% INCREASE in revenue through improved compliance qualifications and improved customer service.

What SecureLink Customers Are Saying

about how we help them streamline operations and improve risk management.

"There is no doubt that being able to connect to customers quickly and the improved level of visibility our customers have of our access through alerts improves customer satisfaction."

- VP of Customer Service 
using SecureLink for Vendors

“In just one year, SecureLink has led to increased revenue [by helping us meet client security requirements].”

- Support Manager
using SecureLink for Vendors

“We can now connect to our customer location automatically, through the SecureLink interface, which has saved us a tremendous amount of time and energy.”

- VP, Customer Service 
using SecureLink for Vendors

SecureLink for Vendors Overview

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how SecureLink enables technology vendors to remotely support enterprise customers in secure, highly regulated environments.