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Why Organizations Are Treading Water When It Comes To Cybersecurity

Over the last two years, 59% of organizations have changed their cybersecurity structure to meet the new and evolving needs of today’s digital-first world. However, organizations have barely moved the needle when it comes to the effectiveness of those security strategies. The 2022 Ponemon Institute State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Security Report, sponsored by Securelink, examines how organizations are investing in their cybersecurity infrastructure to minimize threats and third-party remote access risk. What our teams found is that while organizations are adapting and evolving, multiplying threats are negating cybersecurity progress.

Join SecureLink’s CTO, Joel Burleson-Davis, on August 4th at 12 PM CT for a live webinar where he will discuss:

  • Insights from the Ponemon Report
  • Alarming statistics the report shows
  • What organizations can do to make sure they’re on the path towards optimized security.

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Why Cybercriminals Are Coming For Your Credentials and How To Stop Them

Passwords are the key to the digital castle, so protecting them is the most important part of any cybersecurity strategy. Unfortunately, bad actors are making away with credentials at alarming rates, and causing data breach after data breach with those stolen credentials. According to the 2022 Ponemon Institute Report, 54% of security incidents in the last year were classified as credential theft. That’s 54% too many, especially when so many solutions exist to keep those passwords out of the wrong hands.

Join SecureLink’s Product Marketing Manager, Kylie Ruiz, on August 25th at 12 PM CT for a live webinar to discuss:

  • How and why credentials have become major targets for hackers
  • Where organizations are failing when it comes to credential and user identity management
  • Solutions organizations can utilize to streamline their management and stay secure

September 15th at 12 PM CT

Why Small Shifts Are Not Enough To Stop Rising Third-Party Hacks

In 2021, organizations surveyed by the Ponemon Institute stated that third-party point of access was their weakest access point. A year later that sentiment hasn’t changed. In the past 12 months, 56% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third party. With the rise of remote work, cloud-based solutions, and interconnectivity, there’s little doubt about that trend increasing. For organizations to stay secure, they need to make major moves, not small shifts, when it comes to their third-party access strategy.

Join SecureLink VP of Solutions and Product Marketing, Rob Palermo, at  12 PM CT on September 15th for a live webinar discussing the omnipresent risk of third parties as well as:

  • What the newest version of the Ponemon Institute Report is telling us about third-party attacks
  • Why bad actors keep targeting the third-party point of access
  • What organizations can do to stay better protected in the future

October 19th at 12 PM CT

Compliance and Cybersecurity: Why You Can't Have One Without The Other

Compliance, no matter the industry, involves monitoring, visibility, and accountability of access— for both internal and external users. Those are the same tenets that compose a strong cybersecurity strategy, and unfortunately, organizations are struggling to maintain both security and compliance. The 2022 Ponemon Institute has shown a light on how much organizations struggle to manage and monitor access, with many being unable to implement the basic governance principles needed to manage users and their most sensitive data.

Join SecureLink CTO Joel Burleson-Davis, at  12 PM CT on October 19th for a live webinar for an informative discussion on compliance and security including:

  • What the data shows us about where organizations are falling short
  • How compliance and cybersecurity are tied together (and the cost of neglecting both)
  • How organizations gain regain control and maintain compliance